Tough Decking Composite Decking Only Supply 2.2m Lengths.. Why?

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Tough Decking Composite Decking Only Supply 2.2m Lengths.. Why?

At Tough Decking, we encourage shorter lengths of the composite boards. A smaller length board does not have the same issue with expansion and contraction as a longer length plank. In the past, we have supplied 4.4m lengths, that were admittedly difficult to deliver to our nationwide customers based on the size of them.

Importantly, the feedback from our customers in the past was that longer boards were very difficult to install and handle. Although, the main complaint was that the expansion and contraction was very difficult to control. This was irrelevant on how many joists were installed. This would mean that gaps would be created between joints and in worst case, buckle and warp, similar to wood decking over time. The time and severity of this issue would be heavily dependent on the weather and how much heat exposure the decked area received from sunlight.

This is why we stopped supplying these longer length boards. The main reason why many customers choose composite decking is that they don’t deteriorate and warp like conventional wood decking. It was defeating the objective. We only wanted to supply a commercial graded composite board.

We also truly believe that a 2.2m length plank looks far better than a longer board. This is because we encourage a staggered joint effect in the decking finish. Effectively the same pattern as a brick wall. This not only makes the decking look cosmetically better, it also means that the decking is clipped and supported sufficiently. Composite decking, not just Tough Deck boards, relies heavily on the frame underneath. The joists provide the overall strength to the decked area, it cannot be stressed enough. With the correct amount of joists (including double joists) and clips installed, little to no movement of the decking should be expected.

Tough Deck Are A Commercial Grade Composite Board

The majority of composite decking on the market are usually 21mm in thickness. We only supply 25mm thick boards, 150mm in width and 2.2m in length. We fully appreciate that a common decked area would be wider or longer than 2.2m (the length of the boards). However, with a staggered joint effect and sufficient joists (especially the key double/supporting joists) being positioned no further apart than 400mm centres, means our Tough Decking boards are compatible for domestic and commercial installs. This is why we are trusted supplier of composite decking to both the trade and DIY installer.

From experience, we know what dimension of board and edgings works, when it comes to composite decking. We can offer valuable advice or guidance on any type of project, before or after an order has been placed with us.

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