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New Composite Decking Quick Quote Feature

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Looking for a quick decking quote?

Sometimes the work involved in working out what you need to build the Composite Decking of your dreams can be overwelming.

So here at Tough Decking, we have introduced what we call our “Quick Quote” system. Simply put, we do the heavy lifting, we work out what you need based on your perferences and decking specifications.

How does it works?

First port of call is to give our experienced team a call on 01803 313211 or email us and tell us all about your decking project.

Our team member will take you through your requirements and formulate a “Shared Basket” which is central to our Quick Quote system.

Afterwards we will email you a unique link to access your personal “Quick Quote”.

The personal link is valid for 30 days, after this time you will need to ask us to create a new Quick Quote.

The main feature of our shared basket Quick Quote system is the convenience of being able to see all the items you require from us to build your decking area.

If you are happy with the quote and wish to proceed, you can also restore the basket ready for you to place your order. This eliminates the need for searching for products on our website and saves you valuable time.

You can also download the “Quick Quote” as a PDF for your records.

Looking for a quick decking quote?
Looking for a quick decking quote? Let us do the heavy lifting with our “Quick Quote” system

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