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Apr 16, 2017 | News & Announcements | 2 comments

Composite Decking reviews at Tough Decking

We don’t shy away from reviews so please feel free to add your composite decking reviews and experiences of our products and services. We pride ourselves in our after sales care and have the upmost confidence in our composite decking.
We also realize that if you’re looking for composite decking reviews. Chances are that you are looking to buy. So even if you decide against making your purchase with us. We have a few handy tips to help you along your way.

Composite Decking reviews and helpful advice

So… your garden is an extension of your home. Which makes the first aspects to look at, the aesthetics and safety of the decking. The colour of your decking can greatly change the feel of your garden. Grey or Charcoal can give a more modern unique feel to your garden. Where as Brown and Teak can give a more earthly feel. But which ever decking colour you choose make sure that the decking has UV stabilizers. This will decrease the chance of your decking fading beyond a reasonable amount.

Also make sure the colour is consistent and from the same batch as you may find colour variances from batch to batch. Another important factor to look out for is that the product has full bodied colour. As if it is only coated in a colour any scratches will show the underlying colour and can’t be blended back in with sanding. Board texture and pattern can also play a big part in the look of the decking so bear this in mind. And whilst the wood grain effect boards look great, be careful with these as sometimes the texture only sits on top of the board, and in some cases can be easily rubbed off.

Safety is also a big concern, because as you may have experienced with traditional wooden decking. It can be very slippery so make sure the decking you buy is anti slip. Keep an eye out for warranties and guarantees these will ensure a quality in the products. And provide a confidence that the decking won’t splinter, crack or peel leaving little use for your tweezers.

Also consider the clips and accessories Stainless steel clips are always the way to go. They won’t rust warp or decay over time


  1. Derekjw

    Re my recent order for decking , excellent service very fairly priced high quality goods , I highly recommend and definitely would use again .

    Derek , Bracknell.

    • Sales Team

      Good Morning Derek,
      Thank you for your positive feedback which is much apreciated. Always good to hear from another happy customer. Thank you again.
      Tough Decking

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