Composite Decking Experts

What is meant by a decking ‘fall’ and why is this needed?

Decking Fall refers to the slight slope or angle that is intentionally created in the surface of the deck. This slope is usually achieved by sloping the deck’s substructure, or by using special joists or other supports designed to create a sloped surface.

The reason for creating a decking fall is to ensure that the surface of the deck is not completely flat, but instead has a slight slope that allows water to drain off of it. This is important because if water is allowed to pool on the surface of the deck, it can cause damage to the decking material over time, and can also create a slip hazard when the surface is wet.

By creating a slight slope in the surface of the deck, water is directed towards the edges of the deck where it can be safely drained away. This helps to protect the decking material and ensure that the deck remains safe and functional for years to come.