Composite Decking Experts

Tough Decking recommend 8 fixing clips per boards… why?

We recommended using 8 fixing clips per board for several reasons.

  1. Stability: Using 8 fixing clips per board ensures that the board is securely fastened to the joists, which improves the overall stability and durability of the deck.
  2. Even spacing: Using 8 clips per board also ensures that the board is evenly spaced from the adjacent boards, which creates a consistent and aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  3. Reduced movement: Composite decking boards tend to expand and contract with temperature changes, and using 8 fixing clips per board helps to reduce the movement and minimize the risk of warping or buckling.
  4. Better weight distribution: Distributing the weight of the board across 8 clips instead of just a few helps to prevent the board from sagging or bending under heavy loads, which is important for maintaining the integrity of the deck.

Overall, using 8 fixing clips per board is a best practice for installing composite decking, and it helps to ensure a long-lasting, stable, and visually appealing deck.