Composite Decking Experts

How is composite decking installed?

Composite decking is typically installed using a combination of screws and hidden fasteners. Here’s a general overview of the installation process:

  1. Begin by ensuring that the substructure (the framing that supports the deck) is properly installed and level.
  2. Install a starter strip along the outer edge of the deck to ensure a straight, level surface for the first row of boards.
  3. Starting at the house, lay the first board with the groove facing toward the edge of the deck. Secure the board to the substructure using T-Clips and screws.
  4. Install the next board by inserting a T-Clip to the first board and then securing it to the substructure. Repeat this process for the remaining boards.
  5. Once all the boards are in place, trim the ends to fit the deck’s perimeter and install a finishing board along the outer edge.
  6. Finally, install any necessary trim pieces or railing systems.