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When installing E-deck

Please note when installing the e-deck composite decking please follow the link on the right.

Composite Decking Fitting Instructions.


Before fitting composite decking the material should be left for a minimum of 24 hours in the area it is to be fitted. The decking will expand and contract slightly in different weather conditions. The surface colour will also fade slightly, (more so on light colours) but this will stabilize after the first 6 months. Composite decking can be worked with normal wood working tools. A hand saw or chop saw are ideal for cutting the boards and joists to length..


1: Supporting Substructure.


The composite decking must not be laid directly on the sub-floor. Decking must be fixed to composite joists if installed over a flat solid sub surface. If the decking needs to be raised then a timber frame can be installed first.


The supporting base must be installed with a slight fall, (minimum 1/30) and ideally away from the property. The
water must be able to run along and down the length off of the decking boards so it can drain off the ends. All
supporting Joists should be installed in parallel lines at 90 degrees to the decking. All joists should be installed at
even centers. Tough deck requires 6 joists per 2.2m lenght plus final joist which equates to, (Tough deck for Domestic
areas 370mm centers | Commercial areas 314mm centers).


If using composite joists, these should be fixed directly to a solid base using expansion joist screws or concrete
haunchings. Joists must be fixed in parallel lines with a 10mm spacing at either end of each joists.


2: Fixing Decking Boards To Composite or Wood Joists.


Starter and T-piece decking clips should be used to hold the decking boards in place. Alternatively boards can be
screwed down through the deck surface making sure to maintain an even 6mm gap between all boards. All decking
joints should also be staggered.

Starter Clips are used to start the decking installation process & finish / lock the end planks into position.




T – Clips are used between each decking board. Step two above shown a T-Clip being installed by offering each clip
up to the decking boards and screwing in place with the stainless steel screw provided. The next decking board can
then be slid up and tapped into position before repeating the process again.

The diagram on the right shows how a T-clip can also be slid between two decking boards and using a thin driver head,
be screwed down to hold both board sides at once.

All decking board ends and sides must all be fully supported and fixed down with starter clips or T-clips. All
sides must be fixed down to each and every supporting joist. If decking is screwed down, suitable stainless
steel counter sunk screw must be used on both sides and ends of each board into all supporting joists.

T-clips are designed to space the decking boards regularly but also allow for a small margin of expansion and
contraction. All board ends must be fixed down and fully supported by a joist, (deck board ends should not overhang
by more that 30mm at any point). Were two board ends meet two joists and four clips will be required, one joist and
two clips for each board end, (do not use one T-clip to bridge two board ends). A 10mm gap must be left between end
of boards and any solid surface. Between boards Leave a 6mm gap to allow for expansion and contraction.


3: Edges / Trims / Finishing.

Once all boards have been fixed in place, any uneven edges, exposed joists or step nosing’s can be finished using our composite skirting’s and L profiles.

Skirting’s and L profiles can either be screwed or glued in place depending upon the fitting location. All our composite decking, trims and profiles are full bodied meaning the colour runs all the way through the material top to bottom. This allows the material to be sanded to remove damage or refine any miss cut edge’s or corners.



installing composite decking

Before Starting the installation, make sure to wear
protective clothing such as gloves, safety goggles suitable
footwear and dust mask so work can be carried out safely.

Cleaning Composite Decking

After Installing your composite decking we recommend cleaning the decking it is simple quick and easy if done right please follow this link to find out how


  • Follow the installation instructions.
  • Allow the decking 24 hours to acclimatise.
  • Take weather conditions into account when allowing for expansion and contraction gaps.
  • Install the decking with a fall along the length of the boards.
  • Fully support and fix down all board ends with two fixings and one joist per end, (Double joist all joints).
  • Keep decking clean and wash regularly for the first month with light detergent and rinse with fresh water.
  • Support and fix down all board ends directly to supporting joists.
  • Stagger all end joints.
  • Sand down any roughly cut edges with sand paper.
  • Always make a pilot hole when screwing into any WCP material.

  • Do not lay waterproof or airtight mats, covers or other flat objects directly onto the decking.
  • Forget the decking will expand and contract so leave an appropriate gap at end of all boards.
  • Lay / install the decking laying directly onto sub floor.
  • Install the decking completely flat.
  • Install the decking on an uneven surface.
  • Exceed the stated support frame centers.
  • Power wash the decking above 30 Bar.
  • Do not block the ends of the boards.
  • Do not heat the surface, middle or underside of the boards.
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